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Benzene reduction

The challenge

The primary challenge was to meet the customer's objective of achieving full independence from third-party reformate processing.


KBC drew on its experience in developing process models that use test-run data to reflect actual operation. Using Petro-SIM software, these models integrated new and existing process units to allow for an assessment of various modes of operation.

We produced pre-design documentation and then developed two options for comparison and ranking:

  1. Removal of benzene precursors from naphtha feedstock;
  2. Benzene removal from reformate products.

Capital investment and operational costs associated with the refinery configuration were calculated. Detailed economic models were then produced to estimate return on investment.

The results

KBC demonstrated that proposed unit revamps would meet objectives prior to proceeding to basic engineering design activity. A clear strategy was set for the customer to handle benzene content reduction in gasoline.

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