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Avoidance of drilling inefficiencies and errors

The challenge

Data required to solve the problems this customer faced were in various systems and of differing types.  Communications barriers within the customer organization had resulted in no viable solution being developed.  The customer had recently declared their PI System as the system of record for real-time data and the platform upon which such applications should be built.


KBC integrated multiple sources of real-time and near real-time data into the site PI System bringing together OT and IT information into an asset based data model.  This model then allowed triggering of alarms for issues such as:

  • High pressures
  • Overpull
  • Fluid loss
  • Washouts  

Many of KBC’s off-the-shelf PI components were utilized to solve the customer’s issues.  KBC worked as a partner alongside the customer interacting with their engineering, IT, and management departments bridging communication barriers between the groups for optimal results.  Analytics, visualizations, and automation of new assets were all key components of this project’s success.

The results

The customer was able to reduce average drilling time by days and in some cases weeks as a result of the increased real-time monitoring. The alarming setup reduced equipment damage thereby reducing delays in production and cost overall. The level of accuracy while drilling was improved resulting in less “zig zag” and better production results. All in all this project has brought a reduction in cost and drilling duration to the production field.

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