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The challenge

The training program had to be appropriate for both new and experienced Operations and Maintenance staff. In addition, training had to run alongside staff shift operations, requiring complex and dynamic scheduling.

The solution

KBC put together a dedicated Project Management Team that was installed onsite, full-time through to project completion. We developed process-unit-specific training and monitoring materials and tools, including:

  • 21 best practice manuals, 128 self-discovery exercises and 121 situational exercises 
  • 21 unit-process monitoring dashboards

Foundational, principle-based training (covering distillation, fired heaters, principles of hydrocarbon processing and process troubleshooting) was provided to more than 850 Operations and Maintenance trainees. Unit-specific classroom and field coaching was provided to more than 700 Operations and Maintenance staff.


The results

KBC provided more than 20,000 hours of structured foundational and principle-level classroom training and field coaching, all of which was executed safely and to the satisfaction of the customer. Unit-specific classroom training assessment pass rates exceeded 90% and the field coaching evaluation scores averaged 3.4 out of a possible maximum of 4.

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