R&D Consultant (Cloud Application Developer)


Permanent, Full-time





Closing date

December 17, 2023

Job Purposes

This position will have the ability to shape the future of our engineering cloud offerings. We are seeking a full stack developer comfortable in a wide range of tools and technologies. In this role, your customers will be developers and application users.

Writes, debugs, executes and maintains the source code for KBC Engineering cloud applications. Typically works under the direction of a Lead Developer. Will be collaborating closely with engineering teams, internal application teams and stakeholders to ensure requirements are clear and well understood, with other developers to ensure the approach and code can be integrated, and with the application software testers to support their testing plans and resolve bugs. Also needs to conduct their own unit tests and ensure their code meets any performance standards.


  • Applications Software Development - Develop existing and new KBC Engineering web applications by analyzing and identifying areas for modification and improvement. Develop new applications to meet customer requirements. Produce high quality, low maintenance, and scalable code that can be unit tested.
  • Applications Testing - Design and monitor quality of application tests and respond to user emails to monitor, diagnose, and correct performance issues. Write and automate black box API tests.
  • Applications Maintenance - Monitor, identify, and correct more complex defects to maintain fully functioning web applications. Take initiative to repair or improve existing solutions. Work to simplify and streamline multiple CI/CD pipelines. Practice maintaining backwards compatibility between software versions.
  • Application Roadmap - Contribute to and maintain road map to facilitate application development and ensure the development work is prioritized in line with business requirements. Research solutions given a minimum set of requirements.
  • Information Security - Implement and provide input on the design of required security measures such as firewalls or message encryption, monitoring performance to notify security experts of any problems.
  • Documentation and Back up - Create and maintain technical and/or user documentation to a high standard and back up files to ensure instant recovery if problems occur. Effectively present and document technical implementations to a remote development team.
  • Horizon Scanning - Explore and develop a basic understanding of external developments or emerging issues/trends and contribute to the evaluation of their potential impact on, or usefulness to, the organization to support continuous improvement.
  • Operational Compliance - Maintain and renew a deep knowledge and understanding of the organization's policies and procedures and of relevant regulatory codes and codes of conduct, and ensure own work adheres to required standards. Participate in regular agile meetings (daily standup, planning, review, refinement, and retrospective).
  • Capability Building - Develop own capabilities by participating in assessment and development planning activities as well as formal and informal training and coaching. gain or maintain external professional accreditation where relevant to improve performance and fulfill personal potential. Maintain an understanding of relevant technology, external regulation, and industry best practices through ongoing education, attending conferences, and reading specialist media.

Position Requirements

Behavioral Competencies:

  • Manages Complexity - Makes sense of complex, high quantity, and sometimes contradictory information to effectively solve problems. For example, quickly determines the most critical data and focuses analysis there; recognizes even subtle symptoms that indicate problems; probes deeply for root causes; uses systematic problem-solving methods well.
  • Cultivates Innovation - Creates new and better ways for the organization to be successful. For example, demonstrates openness to new ideas and ways of looking at things; suggests new and useful ideas or solutions. Learns innovative methods, tools, and technology and applies them to work tasks.
  • Tech Savvy - Anticipates and adopts innovations in business-building digital and technology applications. For example, investigates technologies to learn some cutting-edge best practices. Uses digital/social media to benefit the team and add value to the work being done; understands how to avoid misuse of these tools.


·         Assessment

·         IT Support

·         Action Planning

·         Planning & Organizing

·         Data Collection & Analysis

·         Data Management

·         Application Development

·         Network/IT Security

·         IT Testing




  • Bachelor's Degree or Equivalent Experience in a related field

General Experience:

  • Previous experience as a full stack developer
  • Experience developing and using REST APIs
  • Knowledge of GraphQL
  • Experience developing Kubernetes manifests
  • Experience developing Helm charts
  • Experience working with micro front-ends
  • Knowledge of OAuth 2.0
  • Understanding of what JSON web tokens are
  • Proven experience with Angular, Typescript, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • A very strong understanding of cookies, sessions, tokens, web sockets, and web components
  • Have worked with javascript control libraries such as Syncfusion, Telerik, or DevExpress
  • Experience with Ngrx, NodeJs, and NPM
  • Experience working with distributed virtual teams
  • Ability to troubleshoot and diagnose bugs using chrome developer tools
  • 3 + years of experience with C#