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Main Aspects of Job:

Being able to create, maintain and update LP models is a significant requirement of the job.

The main purpose of the Hydrocarbon Supply Chain team is to work with our clients in the refining and petrochemical industry to help them achieve a safe, reliable, and profitable operation. This purpose is achieved by providing technical and management expertise, especially in the areas of production and strategic optimization through production business and strategic planning, scheduling, blending optimization and optimized supply chain operations. This position will help achieve these objectives for our clients.

Willingness to travel as and when required on a domestic and international basis, approximately 30-60% of the time.

Main Roles and Responsibilities:

Project Related:

  • Build and run LP models for production planning, back casting, crude selection, medium term planning and annual budgeting and capital project evaluation for clients in the refining and petrochemical industries
  • Build and run production scheduling and blend optimization models for clients in the refining and petrochemical industries
  • Use KBC proprietary simulation models, tools, and methodologies to generate data to populate/update clients’ LP and scheduling models
  • Build and run models of an entire supply chain (e.g. country-wide production and distribution systems) and/or its individual components (e.g. terminals, ports, tank farms, etc.)
  • Utilize KBC proprietary Intellectual Property and personal knowledge of industry best practices to conduct assessments of client’s planning, scheduling, blending and supply chain operations
  • Build and run mathematical programming, discrete event models and stochastic simulation models to optimize supply chain operations
  • Prepare and deliver presentations and technical reports to clients at different levels of a manufacturing organization, ranging from operation engineers to plant manager and headquarters executives
  • Facilitate implementation of recommendations through on-site coaching and training of refinery and petrochemical plant operators, engineers and managers
  • Work well as a member of a multi-disciplinary team by integrating process knowledge, model results, and human performance skills to deliver solutions for clients
  • Be responsible for project management activities on components of projects to ensure proper project delivery and quality control


  • Work with our Technology and Innovation teams to improve and expand the capabilities of our tools and methodologies

Business Development:

  • Assist in business development visits, proposal preparation, and preparing material for industry conferences and publications

Client Relationship Management:

  • Become a “trusted advisor” to clients through the formation of close relationships
  • Manage client expectations via active scope management

KBC Company Business:

  • Be willing to expand skillset and work across multiple KBC Products and Service lines

Position Requirements:

  • Degree in Chemical, Mechanical, Petroleum, or Industrial Engineering or degree in Chemistry or Chemical Technology or Applied Mathematics (Bachelor or higher)
  • Experience in the refining or petrochemical industries. Focus of the experience should be in Planning, Scheduling, Blending, Logistics, Economics and/or Supply Chain Management
  • Experience as a user of at least one of the commercial systems for Linear Programming, Production Scheduling, Blend Optimization, Discrete or Stochastic Simulation or Supply Chain Optimization
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and project management capabilities
  • A good understanding of refinery and petrochemical economics
  • Experience and/or knowledge with supply/product contracting, trading or shipping/transportation are a plus
  • Ability to build rapport with individuals (including Senior Client executives)
  • Experience with Mathematical Programming, Discrete Event Modelling, and Stochastic Simulation are a plus
  • Advanced degrees, professional engineering certificate, and fluency in additional languages are a plus
  • Demonstrated capability to utilize process simulation packages is a distinct advantage




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